Of Thought and Rhyme


30 days

Day Six


He is my favourite superhero.

Outlaw, stubborn, does what he thinks is right, cares two hoots about the establishment.

Is awesome, in short.

What cannot be cured, must be endured. This, I have learnt from him.





Day Five

An overnight ride away from Ahmedabad, this place is a mini-Goa. Only, much less populated, raw, peaceful, and largely unexplored.

Day Four.

Mum taught me it’s good to keep my hands clean. And I took that advice way too seriously.

I am obsessed with washing hands. To the point that it irritates even me. God bless the soul who invented those hand sanitisers, I would turn into a mad woman without them.

I just wish I did not have this habit. Especially when I’m with Jimmi. Feels like I’m cheating on him, when every ten minutes I run off to wash those hands, just to be back again. He must feel insulted, that poor thing.

Do you know if I can get rid of this? How?

Day Three.

Since it had to be just *one* picture, I had a tough time picking one.

But this one just begged to be chosen. For reasons not entirely unjustified.

In these two people, I have found the most loveliest of friends one could ever ask for. One is a child, another one lets me be one.

If you know what unconditional love means, you’d know what I feel for them.

Enough said.

Day Two.

Bustling Woods. These two words can define my life for you. Go figure.

And ‘Of Thought and Rhyme’, well, self-explanatory isn’t it?


Yes, who’s calling me a woman of few words here?


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