It is an unnoticed existence that we all live, by and large, in the larger scheme of things. And amidst the chaos and humdrum of daily life, there are millions of thoughts and rhyme that cross our minds, but go unattended. There are times when you think how awesome it’d be if life was a movie, and you were playing your part, with an option to roll back the camera and see how the performance turned out to be. Or, sometimes you just wish that someone was taking notes all the time, as your life rolls out in front of you. And then you let out a dramatic sigh, thinking, if only…

That’s how I intend to use this space, making it a repository of them slices of life, as and when I decide to pen them down. If you are reading it, drop in a line, would love to hear from you.

Also, consider writing, if you don’t already. It’s strangely cathartic.