It’s Monday. The day of pending emails, approaching deadlines, panicky clients, and never-ending joblists.

That little thing which should’ve reached your desk last Thursday isn’t in your mailbox yet. The presentation you worked on till wee hours because it was urgent has been rescheduled. An outstation client visit needs to be planned for which you have no details as yet. And you’ve not even started to think about the day’s work. You stare hard on your laptop, tapping the keys sharply. Your hair is in a mess, face contorted and anger is the only language your body can speak currently.

You have blocked the world out. And suddenly the corners of your eyes send a signal to the brain that someone is watching you. Standing in front of your desk, watching you purposely. You try to shove that information away, but distractedly look up. And then the words greet your ears – “Stop looking so pretty!”

You melt in a puddle. And for the next three minutes, nothing matters anymore.

What is more precious than having people in your life who find you worth looking at when you are at your absolute worst? Nothing, sir. Nothing.