So today morning, I got a call from a friend who manages a big brand.

He wanted to invite me for his brand-sponsored invite-only party, happening soon in Bombay. And then he told me more about the party, and brought up that they were inviting a lot of ‘Twitter Influencers’ too. He took some names, and my smile turned to a chuckle to a hearty laugh on hearing the names. So many names on my TL were spoken about as ‘the list given by our agency’. Then he asked me the inevitable, “Howcome your name doesn’t feature on this Influencers’ list?”

It was all so amusing for me, forcing me to think how half of my timeline has made it a part-time career for themselves. So much so, that being active on twitter brings with it an assumption that it is the sole reason for one to be there – to be a Twitter Influencer.

Fun times!