Super-emo post alert. Read at your own peril.


This one is for all of those people who express emotions ranging from scorn to disgust to sympathy to disapproval to plain old surprise when I say I don’t hate him.

Maybe it is abnormal in your world to be at peace with the fact that things did not work out between two people. But in mine, there is no other way, but to be at peace.

Why should I let the circumstances drive my feelings? I cannot ‘unlove’ someone just because the social norms ask so of me.

And mind you, it does not mean that one is stuck up, and cannot move on. There is a very subtle difference between being at peace and holding a grudge. While the former allows you to be objective, the latter makes you think endlessly about what could have been.

The former makes you appreciate the other person for what s/he is, the latter makes you begrudge her/him for what s/he is not.

The former makes you care and be sensitive, the latter makes you frown and be reckless.

Many a times, the former is mistaken for a simplistic name for the latter, while in reality it’s not.

And you can call me ’emotionally unstable’ all you want, but I know not of any other way to be. If that’s unacceptable to you, be my guest and continue to express whatever concerned emotion you are used to expressing. I’m tired of justifying myself, and this is my one last attempt at doing so.

I do NOT want your judgements. Thank you very much.