There are friends by choice (FBC), and there are friends by association (FBA).

You can fight with, shout at and be mad at FBCs. But with FBAs, it’s a tricky situation. The former is an informal friendship, the latter is a formal acquaintance. There are social norms to be followed with the association. You cannot be blunt, brutally honest and cheeky with them. Not because you are not capable, but because there may be collateral damages.

It is in those situations when you are upset with an FBA, does the FBC land up in a fix. Especially if they put the A in FBA. And no one is ready to believe you when you tell them that it does not affect you if they continue to be friends with the FBA. As if complicating everyone’s life is the only way to go about stuff in this world.

Can we just do away with this whole business of social niceties and move on in life? For real?