Being a sucker for plans, nothing brings me more joy than a planned day out. Especially if it’s with the right set of people. After being in various social settings, I can very comfortably pronounce my discomfort with and in large social gatherings. I just feel lost and out of place. For me, nothing spells closeness and fun as does hanging out with not more than two or three people at a time, with a loose agenda in place.

And that’s exactly how my Saturday was. Planned days in advance, the day was dedicated to two of the most amazing girls I know. The events flowed seamlessly – from endless waiting to getting a haircut to lunch to coffee to dinner, and how the day passed by, I didn’t even realize.

Having conversations ranging from the ever-hot topic – boys to careers to media to movies to anything and everything, endless hours were spent in brilliant company. When you are having such an awesome time, a brainwave strikes, why don’t we do it more often? But I think that’s the beauty of it. The spacing of such events is such that it gives you enough time to miss those people to actually crave for seeing their faces, and the fun you have then is unmatched! Even if it’s all in just your head.

I don’t even know what’s the point of this post is, but I just know that I’m an extremely happy girl right now!

Here’s to the awesomeness that are M and V.

❤ ❤ ❤