So this morning, amidst heavy (okay, heavy as per this jungle-city’s standards, not so heavy in regular stance) traffic, I was waiting for my turn to take a turn at that roundabout, when a car suddenly decided to gave me way. I wouldn’t have been surprised if it was not for the observation that I made. The person driving the car was talking on the phone, and he stopped a good 700 meters before the roundabout to let me take that turn. Instead of being thankful and attributing his gesture to a pure goodwill, I could only justify that in my head as his being guilty-conscious. He knew he was wrong in talking on phone while driving, and hence tried to make up for it by being extra nice in other ways.

Isn’t it how it works, always? We try to cover up for our wrongs by other rights. Or perhaps it is just me.

Oh, and since this post talks about traffic, I must also put up a grievance here. Gandhinagar roads are practically traffic-less almost all the time. Except at the regular office hours. Which I barely get to see, since there is no concept of office-hours at my workplace, thanks to my boss. So, whenever I’m on the roads, there is rarely a traffic situation to be braved. But there are traffic cops. And traffic lights. Which function regardless of traffic. More often than not, the timely stops are enforced even if there is no traffic on the other side. Now, whenever I see a red-light, I get confused. For people around me don’t seem to follow that. And I get caught between rules and conformity. What I end up doing almost all the time is, stop because of the rules, get cursed by the vehicles behind me, and then make a move. ALFUCKINGWAYS. So much for rules. And conformity.