Remember what they say about ‘Dhobi ka kutta’? ‘Naa ghar ka, naa ghaat ka.’ Well, I feel just the same. In an abandon. Belonging nowhere, to no one. And why do I realise this suddenly you ask? Because I feel terribly alone right about now. All I want to do at this very moment is just curl up in momma’s lap and die. But I know it’s practically impossible. And even if that happens, I’m gonna regret it just a moment later. Because that’s what I have become like. A loner. An outcast. A person who belongs to her family just in name. A person who oscilates between being homesick and sick of home. Homesick when away, and sick of home while there.

I could delve more into the subject, but I’m just too tired to pen my thoughts down. I miss my mom right now. I want her by my side. Meh.