So, I have to write fifteen *interesting* facts about me. Whether I keep up to the adjective or not, is for you to decide, but here goes:

  1. I had my first ever train-journey less than three years ago, and my first ever plane-journey less than three months ago. I kid you not. Oh, if you count the going-by-train-coming-back-by-plane trip to Bombay, when I was not even three, make THAT my first.
  2. I have a fascination with numbers. They amuse me. I keep track of things through numbers. I associate people with numbers. And no, not in the ‘what an idea, sirjee’ way. Numbers as dates, numbers as phone numbers, numbers as vehicle numbers, numbers as roll numbers, numbers as room/house numbers. I love them all.
  3. I cannot sit on a crumpled bedsheet. There, I said it. I cringe and squirm at the sight of one, and just cannot bring myself to sit on it. Even at friends’/relatives’ place, if I see one, I set it straight by default and then sit. And yes, it has earned me my share of many an embarrassing moments.
  4. I have a thing for patterns. Like numbers. Also symmetry. And shapes. You will find all my books neatly stacked, size-wise. The money in my wallet will always be arranged denomination-wise. The clothes, style-wise. Also, colour-wise. And so on.
  5. I hate waiting. Like, absolutely H-A-T-E waiting. But I prefer waiting over having others wait on me.
  6. I like to have the last word. Always. Quite literally so. I simply just can’t leave any of them conversations if it’s not me who has the last word. Be it texts, IMs, phone calls or face-to-face conversation, I will be the one to finish them. Without fail. Oh yeah, there are only two exceptions of this, one, it’s been overdone. Like bye has been said thrice. And two, I’m irritated. Or angry. Or pissed off. That’s my clue for you.
  7. However much I’d like to say I can multi-task, I cannot. Also, I don’t want to. I relish doing one thing at a time, giving it my complete attention, however mindless the task may be. I cannot cut and peel vegetables while I’m on phone, I cannot listen to music while I read, and the likes.
  8. It takes me a good while to come back on track once distracted. I either hate distractions, or love them dearly. There is no middle way.
  9. I judge people. There was a time when I tried consciously, and too hard to not to, but I just could not. And I feel as if I’m cheating on myself if I think I do not judge. So now, I have no qualms about admitting that I do. For everything that one does, or do not do, I keep a tally. And on that note, might I add, I rarely forget things. And scarcely forgive.
  10. I’m superstitious about certain things to an extent that I don’t even say them aloud to myself. I give them a proxy, and whenever I have to think of them, I think of the proxies. Yeah.
  11. I use procrastination very optimally. Especially in unpleasant situations. I postpone worrying about things not done, or just forget that a certain near-impossible task-to-do exists, and it just somehow works out at the eleventh hour. Also, I think I take it for granted. But as long as it works, it’s fine I guess.
  12. I never start with zero. I start with negative. Especially with respect to things like expectations and trust. Even if it comes across as my being frank, I never let my guards down till the time the bar goes somewhere above zero. Of course, all these calculations have weird formulae, that work exclusively inside my head.
  13. Once I give up on something or someone, it’s almost impossible for me to get back. And most often than not, things/people come back to me as soon as I give up on them. So, I tend to wait eternally before giving up, lest it happens again. And that makes it a vicious circle which I can’t seem to get out of.
  14. I do not understand the concept of ‘first draft’/’rough draft’/’final draft’ in writing. For me, it’s almost impossible to look back at what I have written, even for proofreading. That’s one of the reasons I find putting things up on the blog quite tedious, since most of my writing happens on paper. Yeah, writing with a pen on a paper is therapeutic for me. Also, I write in a ‘stream of consciousness’ fashion, often losing track of what I started with.
  15. I love picking up statements or part of them, out of context and using them in conversations. Also, I like to have tangential conversations, which do not necessarily make sense. Rhymes in dialogue, especially odd ones, delight me.

So, there.