The question of faith has always intrigued me. How does the world work. Where do we come from. Where do we go to. What happens after death. Is there a higher authority looking after us lesser mortals. What is the concept of life. What is the concept of karma. Who decides what is right and what is wrong. Is morality subjective or objective. How exactly does time move. How does sun and moon always show up on their defined time. Why do people worship idols. Is there some proxy power vested in some chosen few amongst us. How does unequal distribution of not just material wealth, but mental, physical, spiritual and emotional wealth justify itself.

Eat, drink and be merry. For tomorrow we die. But does the concept of ‘we’ die? Or is it just the body which gives up. Is there something called soul? These questions have worried me since long. The more I have read, discussed and explored about the subject, the more elusive it has seemed. I cannot decide if I am religious or not. I, per se, do not believe in idol-worship. But I do believe that there exists a higher authority that controls the world. We humans as well as all other species are not just let loose to wander and ponder. There has to be reason for our existence. Has to be. And I HAVE to find it. Yes.