*This is going to be a rant. Read it on your own peril. You have been warned.

Ironic. Yes, that’s what it is. For something harmonious to be achieved, a battle must be fought. Battle of the sexes. Not quite in a way that popular opinion will have it, but in a conniving, manipulating and subtle sort of a way. They say, an action warrants an equal and opposite reaction. Not quite, does it?

It is not a war after all, it is togetherness that we strive for. Then why should it involve so much of thinking. Why must one lose and the other win? Why must one have an upper hand? Isn’t it crass? To play mind games, while all that is running in your head is that rom-com with you two playing the lead?

Why must this be a game of the chaser and the chased? It’s all acceptable if it is playful. But how does one know when it is for real? At what point does one give up? Because it is a fact, the moment one gives up, the other will give in. So, why ruin the chance of growing something beautiful with those stupid antics? How does even know if there was ever a chance? Sigh.

How much waiting is the right amount of waiting? What if it turns around as soon as you do.

If only life was a little less complicated…