And Present? Well, that’s an eternal question mark. To think of it, I never get to know what is this present. For always, always and always I am either reminiscing about the past, or planning about the future. Then, where is the present?

Since childhood, I have dreamed of being what I am today. But today is not enjoyed by me, I do not live in the moment. There is no sitting back and relishing what I have. Life has come to mean a constant race, where I am just running, not knowing where to. The memories of the past hold me back, and the promises of the future beckon me forth. But present is a no man’s land.

The present of today will become tomorrow’s past, which I will relive in my thoughts and memories, without having actually ‘lived’ it in reality. Then, what is reality? Is there even anything called reality? Sometimes, when I try to take stock of the situation,  I can’t help but wonder, is everyone ‘living’ the same way? Are people living in the moment? How does one live in the moment?

The more I think about it, the more it leaves me perplexed. Am I the odd one out, or I have company? How do *you* live?