Films, television and drama have had a huge impact on me, since I was a kid. I would watch those melodramas and larger-than-life sequences, and dream of having to face such situations myself. Out of all the sequences that I have watched over and over again, three things I have wanted to experience very badly. One, being part of a death scene at family.

I know it sounds weird, but it’s the truth. I would see those death scenes, and would wonder, how it would feel to have a death in my family. I would try in vain to stop myself from thinking that way. But I experienced the feeling. I experienced it when I lost my grand-dad. My babaji. My own personal Santa Claus! It was all very filmy then, yet nothing could be more real than that. I saw my family cry bitterly, including my dad, and everyone (well, almost!) was wearing white. I experienced the first of my wishlist from the dramatic situations of life.

Second is, to have my gala wedding. Hasn’t happened as yet, just in case you are wondering. So, more on that later, when it actually happens.

Third, is to see a friend in hospital, and I paying a visit. When I used to see those protagonists’ lives in the dramas and movies halted by a sudden accident or the likes, I would always imagine – how would it feel to have it happen to me. And today, it happened. I got to know a friend has survived a fatal accident, sustaining injuries in his liver, shoulders, head and kidneys. I was petrified to hear the news. I immediately rushed to the hospital, anxious to see him okay. The 40 minutes ride to the hospital seemed like 40 days, and my mind refused to work. All kinds of thoughts were haunting me, and all I could do was just pray. I reached the hospital, rushed to the Surgical ICU, only to be told by the caretaker that the visiting hours were over. I begged him to let me at least see him once. Unlike the women on-screen, the caretaker here did not pay any heed to my requests. I gave in. Dejected, I came out. Since I had a good four hours to go before they let me visit him, I just roamed around aimlessly. I was feeling damn jittery, and about fifteen minutes before the visiting time, I gave up. I had heard the doctors describe his condition, and the thought of seeing him like that just took all my courage away. I could not bear to look at him lying in that condition. I was torn between the two contradicting Nehas. Finally, I decided. And took an auto back home.

Get well soon Pie! This is for you.