I love talking. By that, I mean, I L-O-V-E talking. But of late, I am beginning to hate small talks. Sample this. You see a friend online. He/She pings you, or vice-versa. And the conversation, as you would like to call it, ensues.

A: “Hi”

B: “Heyy!”

A: “Wassup?”

B: “nm. You temme”

A: “Just the usual. How are you?”

B: “I am good ya. What about you?”

A: “I am good too. Just settling in.”

B: “Hmmm…”

And the conversation frizzles. None knows what to talk about next. An awkward smile here and there, a few “hmmms” and “yeahs” thrown in between, and it ends just like that. Not that you don’t *want* to talk, but you just can’t talk. And I am one person who likes to give my conversations a crisp, nice and smooth end. Not just leave it hanging in there. So, it becomes all the more difficult.

More awkward are the occasions when you call a friend and the awkward silence takes over.

I think it’s time to keep that ‘invisible’ button handy. But then, is not calling up friends the solution for that phone awkwardness?