Breaking rules is cool. But not always. Today morning, while coming to office, I saw a perfectly dressed (read: Proper formals, with tie, black sexy shoes) man on a bike. It was something very attractive to see him wearing a helmet, follow road and traffic rules, and be a gentleman. He waited for the traffic to pass while taking a turn, when others just barged their way out in the mad rush. I could not help but think, who do we fool when we break those rules. It is but self-safety. Being responsible was never better defined. How can one claim to change the world when we are not ready to take the first step. And true responsible behaviour is not following the rules when authority is watching over, it is when you behave responsibly even with nobody to oversee you. Reminds me of what PAT said on the very first day of MICA. He said, we treat you like responsible people here. There are no rules, and it is your freedom to choose how much freedom you want. You know, that’s where it is difficult. Choice is definitely not the best of things. If you are told, do this and do that, life becomes easy. You follow it, and if you are unhappy about it, you can just blame it on the one who asked you to do that stuff. But if you ‘choose’ to do something, and still you are unhappy, boss, that’s miserable situation to be in. Takes me to another of my theories. It’s a running joke among my friend circle. See, I am single, and at times, that puts a lot of pressure on you. Now, I cannot have a relationship just for the heck of it. I strongly believe that if it has to happen, it will happen. And it’s not in my hands. But just for the sake of argument and putting those relationship talks on hold, I always resort to my theory. I tell them that I shall let the parents take the trouble of finding someone worth it. First, it is not an easy thing to find a suitable guy. Second, I have no time to actively ‘scout’ for one. And third, if something goes wrong, it’s you who shall be responsible. Let parents do the job. First, they won’t get you hitched to a donkey. They shall do a proper research and all that. Second, you always have an option to say no. Third, if things don’t work out, you can blame it on their choice. Of course, things are not as simple as they sound, but what’s the harm in saying so. Especially when it helps rest the case.

So yeah, I digressed, and how, but the point is, it’s difficult to exercise the right to freedom, and as they they, with freedom, comes responsibility. Just the sight of that responsible man today warmed my heart. I was content with the realisation that not everybody is rushing to break those rules. There is still some hope!