Having lived in the national capital for two decades of my life, I am quite immune to the eve-teasing that happens. It’s almost a curse which we girls are born with. And instead of feeling raged, we somehow develop a sense of shame if subjected to the much understated teasing. It’s like being harassed twice, first by the person(s) of opposite gender, then by your own self. As if you are the one who ‘invited’ it to be unleashed on you.

Anyway, general rant apart, what brings me to this topic is the fact that I have been living in Gujju-land for over two years now. And as people say, it is actually pretty safe place to live in. Never in these days have I experienced any unpleasant situation. But this evening was different.

Got done early today, and add to that awesome mausam and a happy heart, I decided to walk home. Everything was going great, and I was reeling in the joy of having such a great walk. Fifteen minutes into my walk, and a certain familiar feeling shook me. Call it a woman’s sixth sense or anything else, I just KNEW that something was wrong. But I could not see anything in my near vicinity, which I could term as wrong. Then suddenly it appeared before me. A man gesturing so vulgarly that it sent shivers down my spine. The feeling which I had almost forgotten came back to me, and how! He was on a bicycle, and was riding parallel. He passed by once, and I thought it’s done with. But he took a U-turn on the next roundabout, and came back in the same manner. Now the walk was spoiled for me. And the familiar fear took reign. Before he could take the third turn back, I just wanted to make myself invisible. I slowed my pace, looked frantically for an auto, and took one as soon as I could lay my eyes on it.

I don’t know if I acted cowardly or what, but that is what I could do. Yes, I am a strong woman, but in situations like these, I become one of those poor chicken. That motherfucking lecher got the better of me. This is where I pity myself as a woman. Some things, you just can’t deal with. I can’t deal with. Is this the liberation that we fight for? Is this the equality that we strive for? Is this the world that I bargained for?