There are some things which I have zero-tolerance for. Topping the list is this sms-lingo. Like, seriously, what’s with people writing in a manner which invokes nothing but a sudden tendency to puke one’s guts out while managing to make sense of the vowel-less words(?)! It irritates me to no end to see people use that here, there, and everywhere. A friend of mine writes like this all over her and others’ facebook walls. It just makes me feel pukish. I mean shortening some words is understandable, but if you write three-long paragraphs in this way, I am sorry, it’s just unacceptable to me. There are quite a few justifications for this kind of writing, sample these:

  • “Itz cul 2 ryt lyk dat dude” – Seriously? THAT sounds cool? It has to be the most uncool of all things, in my opinion! But then, it’s MY opinion!
  • “Itz jst r habit f cutng tym n efrt” – You want me to believe that? More time must be spent on thinking which vowel/consonant to remove, than to write it appropriately. But then again, probably it’s just me. I am out of practice, and you seem to have mastered the art quite well!
  • “Evry1s usng it ths daz” – Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn! If THIS is your tool to be in the race, then please go ahead! I have nothing to say.

I don’t know who will end up winning this one. The ‘right’ way or the ‘ryt’ way, but one thing is for sure. I am not changing. Come what may! I cannot write like that!!! Period.

Did I ask, what’s with people writing like that? Will someone please enlighten me?

P.S. – I had titled this post ‘rytn lyk dis’. But as I was about to hit the publish button, I felt so uneasy. Just could not bear the sight of that phrase right on top. Removed it (and gladly so!).