Today morning, while coming to office, I noticed quite a regular and ordinary embossing on a house. It was a concrete square, cut into four, in four different ways, making four different designs. Nothing great about it. Sure. But I just couldn’t stop looking at it. I just kept thinking of how the surface area of all the shapes remain the same, while the designs are quite different. Now where did this come from, I don’t know. But this took me back to my school days, where I would love Geometry, but hate Maths.

I have flunked ALL my pre-boards in standard 12, and got re-re-re-tests in all of them. 😛 My maths teacher got tired of complaining to my dad in those damned PTMs about my dismal records, and the school principal once threatened not to let me take the subject in my boards! But thankfully, I survived. The subject irritated me, to say the least. It was not the lack of understanding of the concepts, but of their practical implications, that kept me away from it. This was my only way to rebel. I will NOT study, do what you can. In the final exam too, I attempted exam worth half the marks only, and somehow managed to pass it. But never ever could I like that subject.

Now, one could ask, why did I opt for the subject, for it was only an option; and to that, well, in that ambitious age of mine, I wanted to be a Chartered Accountant with an Honours Degree in Commerce (and having studied Mathematics till standard 12 is a pre-requisite for that), which I eventually ditched for a more fancy and liberal Literature Honours!

Need I say, planning has never been my cup of tea. I have landed myself in a place that I had never in my dreams imagined for myself. I will not judge my current position with what could have been, for I am not regretting being here. But it’s funny how life takes its own course!