I know I have been evading the talks of my marriage for quite sometime now, and my mom has to find innovative ways to get me talking about it. Just yesterday only, I was talking to SK about the inevitability of those talks, and when I spoke to mom last night, she had an incident to tell me. I present it to you.

My mom got a ‘rishta’ for me, from a filthy rich family of south-delhi (which also happens to be one of my relatives’ relative). The boy is pursuing CA (he doesn’t need to do all that, just doing it for fun’s sake. The family money can feed his seven generations to come). The family got interested in me because I have completed my MBA, and now am working for the government. Sounds good? Then read on. Their condition – we want the girl not to work after marriage. Now, why on earth????

My mom thankfully knows me well enough to have said no to it as soon as she could, and the talks did not go any further. But one thing that struck me is the hypocrisy of the society that we live in. The same family wouldn’t have ever considered me for their rich prodigy, if it wasn’t for my academic and professional standing. And after marriage, they want to take the same identity away from me?!?!

This is just another facet of the education for girls in the society. It is just a license to get a nice husband. Thankfully, my parents understand. But I have seen people, whose don’t! Thank you Mom and Dad, for being so understanding.