Since I was a kid, I have always seen my mom raise up all three of us with utmost care and discipline. She has always told me like any orthodox moms, “I do not want your mother-in-law to say that your mom did not teach you anything, instead I want her to say ‘kitne acche sanskaar diye hain tumhare mom-dad ne’!”.

Yesterday, this acknowledgement came my way, albeit not from my (non-existent till now) mom-in-law, but from my boss. He rang me up after work just to say that my mom-dad have raised me up in the best way possible. To him, my discipline was a sanskaar inculcated in me by my parents. I was dumbfounded. All that my mom has been wanting to hear was said in that 8-minute conversation. I immediately called up my mom, and told her everything. Her day was made, and needless to say, probably this was the first time ever that I had made her this happy.

In yet another reflection, a thought struck my mind, how symbolic this whole episode was. Mom has always wanted a recognition from my mom-in-law – the authority at my sasuraal; and the recognition came her way by my boss – the authority at my workplace! Quite an irony, isn’t it?